KEYNOTE 1: Providing citizens and industry the incentive to change the way we do things

Mel Cappe (Ecofiscal Commission of Canada)

Mel Cappe is Professor in the School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto. From 2006- 2011 he was President of the Institute for Research on Public Policy. Prior to that for four years he was High Commissioner (Ambassador) for Canada to the United Kingdom. Before that he served as Clerk of the Privy Council, Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Public Service.

Earlier in his career he held senior economic and policy positions in the Departments of Finance and Industry. He was Deputy Secretary to the Treasury Board, Deputy Minister of the Environment, Deputy Minister of Human Resources Development, Deputy Minister of Labour and Chairman of the Employment Insurance Commission.

He has graduate degrees in Economics from the Universities of Western Ontario and Toronto and honourary doctorates from both. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada and a recipient of the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee Medals.

KEYNOTE 2: The talent necessary today to support a sustainable electricity future

Ivano Labricciosa (Oshawa Power)

Ivano Labricciosa is currently leading Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation to achieve best in class industry performance as the President & CEO. His passion for leading successful change through people, process and technology, together with his strategic thinking and visionary leadership has helped several leading North American and International utilities over the past 35 years. A University of Western Ontario Electrical Engineering graduate, Ivano also holds a University of Toronto Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering, as well as a Queen's University Executive Master's Degree in Business Administration.

As the CEO of Oshawa Power, Ivano Labricciosa plays a pivotal role in the overall strategic and tactical operations of the company - involved in energy distribution, energy generation, contract services and telecom ventures. As the President of Oshawa Power, Ivano has used his business experience and exemplary leadership skills to expand and grow in the direction of innovation. Oshawa residents have benefitted from many technologically advanced projects, while at the same time, Oshawa residents pay one of the lowest distribution rates for electricity and the best services in the province. Under Ivano’s direction, Oshawa PUC Energy Services, a subsidiary company has become an industry leader in Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP), District Energy Systems and Micro Grid Technologies. Oshawa Power conceptualized a Microgrid Research and Innovation Park at The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), the largest microgrid of its kind in Canada and the largest provincially funded project ($3,829,000) from the Ontario Smart Grid Fund. This kind of technology has taken the company beyond the boundaries of Oshawa, providing a District Energy System to Canada’s largest Social Housing Network. Another unique first in the industry was the implementation of a Solar Energy Management Pilot Project, where 30 Oshawa homeowners are testing the efficiency and reliability of residential solar energy management systems (SEMS) in a live setting, while also defining business cases appropriate for the Canadian market. Oshawa Power took the initiative and created a new local energy
opportunity through building a unique public-private partnership that involves two layers of government, a utility and two multi-national corporations.

In 2017 Oshawa Power was invited to India by the Ministry of Energy and Advanced Energy Centre to promote Ontario’s capabilities and create opportunities for new partnerships. Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board (HPSEB) is exploring the use of a state of the art microgrid solution to efficiently meet reliability and supply needs. HPSEB has expressed interest in the solution presented by Oshawa Power. Ivano has served as a Board member with the Electricity Distributors Association, the Canadian Solar Industry Association and the Municipal Electric Association Reciprocal Insurance Exchange. He has also served as an Advisory Board member with the University of Toronto Engineering Faculty, Ryerson
University Centre for Urban Energy, Canadian Electric Association Distribution Council, the Georgian College Engineering Technology Program, the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce and Parkwood Estates National Historic Site. He is currently active as a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and actively participates as a technical speaker at many industry and non-industry forums.