Under our theme of "A Network of Sustainability" we have invited a wide variety of presenters in effort to promote cross-discipline discussions. From traditional lecture-style sessions to workshops, many topics will be covered, including:

  • Economic Sustainability
  • Power & Energy
  • Environmental Remediation (e.g. waste management and remediation)
  • Global Engineering (i.e. addressing engineering problems on the global scale)
  • Sustainable Social Development (e.g. connecting to communities in Northern Canada)
  • Sustainable Urban Development (e.g. buildings, green roofs, transportation)

We are excited to offer a variety of session styles:

Lecture Style: A 40-minute lecture-style talk on the sustainability leader’s topic of choice (related to the general topics above). The floor is opened up for a 10 minute question and answer period at the end. The style of the session will be largely controlled by the speaker.

Panels: Two sustainability leaders will give a short introduction of themselves. Then the floor is opened up for a question and answer period. The key is audience participation. A discussion will happen between the panelists and the audience members. We want to encourage an environment for an open network of communication and thought-provoking conversation.

Workshop: Samantha Villalon from Growing North will be conducting a workshop for attendees to work through a problem. This will not only encourage teamwork and networking but will also give a real world look into how we can apply our sustainability principles in order to solve a problem.

Additionally, there will be opportunities to interact on a more individual basis with our presenters through networking sessions and a tradeshow:

Networking: The 2018 U of T Sustainability Conference has set aside three separate time slots throughout the conference dedicated to networking. We encourage everyone to reach out of their comfort zones and start a conversation with other guests.

Tradeshow: During the lunch and networking time, there will also be a tradeshow. This will include a mix of some of U of T’s most prominent sustainability focused clubs as well as industry leaders focused on sustainable design.